2018/2019 School Year Newsletter 1 – 24th September 2018

Welcome back to Energy Sparks for the new school year

Here at Energy Sparks we are really looking forward to the new school year as we have lots of new features and functionality which we are looking forward to introducing to you. These have been developed over the summer with the support of our funding from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). We hope they now make Energy Sparks a much more powerful tool for understanding your school’s energy use, and how you could make some simple low cost changes to save lots of energy and money. We will gradually introduce you to the new functionality over the next few newsletters.

The Scoreboard

At the end of the summer term the Energy Sparks scoreboard looked like this:

As there were limited activities recorded in the summer term, we have decided to carry over the two additional prizes of £200 previously offered for the summer term to the new school year.

We have reset the Schools Scoreboard for the new school year, so that all schools will be able to start recording their energy saving activities and earning points from the same starting point. Activities recorded last year have been archived and are not visible to you at the moment. However, we do hope to introduce some new functionality later in the year which will allow you to access and read old activity reports.

Feedback from our Spring term 2018 prize winners

Pensford and Freshford Primary Schools were our top scoring schools up to March 2018 and were each awarded £200 towards an energy saving improvement of their choice.

Freshford used their prize money to contribute towards the upgrade of much of their dilapidated lighting to new LED tubes during the summer holidays. This has resulted in an energy saving of at least 30% and has significantly improved lighting levels across the school.

Pensford used their prize money on a new A++ rated dishwasher. It has an annual water consumption estimate of 3080 litres and an annual energy consumption estimate of 258kWh/annum.

Summary of new functionality

The new functionality on the Energy Sparks website is extensive, including more than 60 graphs analysing how your school can save electricity and gas. We have also developed an alerts system which will mail or text you with information on your current consumption patterns, for example whether you have reduced or increased your energy consumption in the last week which we would like to start trialling with you over the course of the Autumn.

Examples of the new Analysis functionality include how your annual energy consumption compares with other schools, for example:

How much of your electricity or gas is used during the school holidays, weekends or in the evenings or early mornings before the school opens, for example:

And how your gas use varies over the year compared with outside temperature, for example:

The website and graphs now includes extensive text, explaining how to interpret the graphs and how to use them to identify energy saving opportunities in your school.

We will be introducing you to this new functionality in newsletters over the next few weeks, and we hope you will find time to explore it. If you have any questions about the new functionality and the graphs for your school please email us for further advice.

New My school tab

We have added a new My School tab with quick links to the different sections of the Energy Sparks site for your school. You can see this tab once you are logged into the site. If you choose the Analysis option it will take you to the charts shown above for your own school.

School Support Visits during the 2018/2019 school year

We are continuing to offer free school support visits this school year. If you would like to arrange a visit to launch the Energy Sparks programme with a new Energy or Eco team or to learn more about the new functionality and what it can tell you about your school’s energy consumption, please contact us on hello@energysparks.uk

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