Energy Sparks is an exciting new project led by Transition Bath, teaching primary pupils in Bath and North East Somerset about energy and empowering them to take action to make their schools and homes more energy efficient.

Energy Sparks motivates pupils and staff to save energy by generating healthy competition between schools. An innovative new website takes data from schools’ Smart Meters and produces easy-to-read charts showing their gas and electricity consumption. The site also allows schools to record activities in which pupils learn about saving energy and spread the energy-saving message.

The site gives reward points and awards for reducing your school’s energy usage, as well as for the learning activities that help pupils engage with energy issues. Logging on weekly allows pupils to see their school’s progress, and compare their achievements with those of other schools.

How could you use Energy Sparks in your school?

The Energy Sparks website provides guidance and suggestions of potential energy related activities schools can run, and online resources and sign-posting to lesson plans, eco-team projects and other resources which will help schools take part.

For example pupils can:

  • Use the energy usage charts displayed on the website in maths lessons to support interpretation of real data.
  • Learn about electric and gas appliances and how much energy they use.
  • Learn about different ways energy is generated and their impact on the environment.
  • Understand changes to their school’s gas and electricity use over the year.
  • Compare energy use in term time and the school holidays and weekends.
  • Design and carry out experiments to monitor energy related behaviour patterns at school.
  • Investigate ways the school might save energy.
  • Design and implement an energy saving campaign.
  • Design posters or create a video to spread the energy-saving message.
  • Review energy related school policies with the school management team.

How to enrol your school

All we need from you is permission to access your energy data and display it on the Energy Sparks website. Enrolment details can be found at: http://www.energysparks.uk/enrol

The  project is currently focused on schools in Bath and NE Somerset, but we are looking to expand to other areas of the country. If you are interested in using Energy Sparks in your area, please contact us at hello@energysparks.uk

In-school support

We have additional sponsorship funding to provide in-school support to help schools in Bath and NE Somerset use the website, teach pupils about energy and raise the profile of energy saving throughout the school.

Support is customised and can include:

  • Meetings with teachers or pupils to introduce the Energy Sparks website and activities.
  • Energy detective work with pupils and staff to look for ways in which energy could be saved in your school
  • Loan of specialist equipment for use in energy experiments including a thermal imaging camera and OWL energy monitors.

How is Energy Sparks funded?

How do I find out more information?

Please visit our website: http://www.energysparks.uk/

Contact: hello@energysparks.uk