40% Savings at Northampton Academy

The words here from David might not sound like the most inspirational of quotes but they’re music to my ears because these are things we say so often at Energy Sparks. One of the most useful things about seeing a school’s energy data in graphical form is finding out that energy use is high at […] →Read more

Why baseload matters – focus on summer holidays

Another summer holiday over, where did the time go?! We’ve been reminiscing about the holidays in our own way – by looking at energy consumption statistics! We’ve been comparing this summer with last summer (the energy use, not the weather).  We know not all schools completely close down during the holidays, but even those that do open […] →Read more

How to find details about your school’s solar panels

If your school has solar panels installed, Energy Sparks will need to display the solar generation on your school’s account to ensure that we analyse your electricity usage correctly. Solar generation is the amount of energy produced by the panels. →Read more

How to find your gas and electricity meter numbers

In order to set up your school on Energy Sparks, we need to be supplied with your school’s meter details. Energy Sparks uses your meter details as a unique reference number in order to identify your school’s energy data on our system. It can be difficult finding your school’s meter details if you do not know where to look so we have created this guide to help you find the information that Energy Sparks needs. →Read more

A guide to metering and how to find out what type of meter you have installed at your school

It can be confusing trying to figure out what type of meter you have installed at your school and whether it is able to share data with Energy Sparks, so this guide aims to explain this in more detail. →Read more

Energy Efficiency in Schools 2023

Over the past year, the number of schools that Energy Sparks supports has grown four fold. We are now releasing our first annual ‘Energy Efficiency in Schools’ report. This report aims to highlight some of the issues facing schools when it comes to energy efficiency. We also focus on what low cost, or no cost […] →Read more

New energy saving advice pages launched

If you have opened Energy Sparks this morning and found things look a little different, that’s because we have launched our exciting new advice pages.  Over the last few months, our developers have been working hard to improve our detailed analysis pages designed primarily for our older student and adult users. We’ve taken onboard feedback […] →Read more

Updated benchmarking for baseload analysis – March 2023

There are a number of updates happening on the Energy Sparks platform at the moment. The most significant of these is the update to the adult advice pages and their subsequent translation into Welsh. We’ve taken this opportunity to make a few other improvements, particularly now we have a much larger number of schools within […] →Read more

New funding partners needed for Energy Sparks

We are seeking new funding partners to enable our next phase of growth and to allow us to continue to support existing schools with a free or subsidised service. Energy Sparks has seen significant growth since last year. We currently provide our school specific energy management tool and education programme free of charge to over […] →Read more

Fantastic Autumn term and Christmas savings at Energy Sparks schools

We looked at the energy saving performance of schools that were on Energy Sparks during the Autumn term 2022, and have enough energy data to compare their consumption with the Autumn term in 2021. An amazing 332 schools achieved an average reduction of 10% in their electricity use. That’s over 3 million kWh across the 332 schools, a […] →Read more