Fantastic prizes to motivate pupils to take energy saving action

As well as reducing your energy consumption, you can also score points for every pupil activity you record on Energy Sparks. Keep recording activities throughout the year and you could be top of the scoreboard!

Thanks to our funders we will be rewarding top scoring schools with grants towards an energy saving improvement of your choice. Maybe you might invest in LED lights, an energy-efficient dishwasher or fridge for the school kitchen or put the grant towards solar panels. The choice is yours!

Why not get started by joining our Get Energised programme and record your first action to ‘Set up an Energy or Eco team to lead on energy efficiency at your school’. You will earn 20 points and will empower your pupils to help reduce school energy bills. Or book an in-person education workshop to support your students to achieve their first activities. 

We are also offering a special prize for the school that provides the most compelling evidence of pupil-led action at their school based on your activity record. Prizes will be awarded in July 2023 based on activities completed from 1 September 2022 to 30 June 2023.